Real Time Table Bookings 24/7
Delivers an instant email booking confirmation to your customers
Automatic booking notifications to staff
Fully Mobile Responsive
You only pay for what you use with a capped monthly cost
GDPR compliant software – designed with privacy in mind
Secure back-end web portal to manage bookings & settings
You can even add telephone bookings to the system with ease
Free email support
A securely developed system with encrypted data as standard

Real Time Table Booking 24/7

The Reserve Your Table website works 24/7 for your website.  You set the volumes of covers you can take and it works – taking booking, even when you are not.

When staff are not in to take the phone calls – the system can handle these bookings for you, it’s easy.

Delivers an instant email booking confirmation to your customers

Yes, when a booking is made the customer gets a copy of their booking request via email and the details it contained.

Automatic booking notification to staff

The venue or designated contact also gets the same email the customer does.  This keeps things uniformed and from there it can be sent to any other parts of the business.  You also have the control to alter the specified email address as and when needed.

Fully Mobile Responsive

We hope your website is response and our platform is as well.  Most modern-day websites are responsive these days and our system will work within the responsive parameters of your website.  It shouldn’t require any technical skill from you or your web developers to set up – it’s that easy.

It takes about a minute to make live on your website and about five minutes maximum to set up your specific needs for your venue around email confirmation, opening hours etc.

You only pay for what you use – with a capped maximum monthly cost

The maximum cost is £50 + VAT per month.  That is it, yes it’s great value for money.

The cost is just £1 per booking.

If you have a table of 10 book then it’s just going to cost you £1 + VAT billed monthly.

In addition, there is no hosting cost or support cost, no license fee.  It’s just £1 per booking to a maximum of £50 per month + VAT – that is it!

GDPR Compliant software – Designed with privacy in mind

When we built Reserve Your Table GDPR was all the rage.  So, in order to keep things as compliant as we could the system only holds data that it needs.

As a result, Reserve Your Table purges itself of each booking after a set period of time.  By default, we suggest 60 days is sufficient but we can set this as required.

As once this period has passed, then the guests should have attended your venue and enjoyed your great service and food you offer.  Also, by then they should also be in your own accounts package as a completed and happy customer.

It holds all relevant data, customer name, booking date and time of arrival, just for as long as it needs to.

Secure back-end web portal to manage bookings & settings

Reserve Your Table is made as simple as possible.  It should take up practically not time for your staff and be quick and simple for customers to use.

The back-end admin portal requires some parameters to be set.  For example, how many covers can you take at any time, how long you expect them to be with you, how early do you open and when is the latest booking available.

Then, as the bookings come in, you are emailed the information and the booking can be checked in the back end of the admin portal.  It will also show you future bookings and past ones up until the data is cleansed for GDPR (which we set with you at the time of you joining us).

You can even add telephone bookings to the system with ease

If you get a telephone booking, you can manually add this to the Reserve Your Table system.  The system asks for a phone number or an email address and then it is in the system.  It will always email the main contact whenever a booking is made

Free email support

Yes, even our support is free.  If you have a problem you can raise a support request via the app and we will address it.

A securely developer system with encrypted data as standard

Our platform is simple to use and very secure.  It encrypts and backs up your data to keep your information safe.

To find out more contact us today by clicking here.

Web Design Service

If you are a new venue we can also build a website for you around our table booking system.  Reserve Your Table can be deployed easily in a mobile responsive website.  It is secure and simple to use working exceptionally well with GDPR compliance.

If you are new to owning or managing your own venue or even established and wanting some external help we can drive you forward.

Also, if you would like a new website or your old one improved to incorporate the Reserve Your Table system, contact us.  We are experts in websites, mobile apps and software development.


Simple to setup, easy to use


A simple, cost effective pricing model


It won’t take long to see the value


Start taking bookings today!